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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Treatments for Surveillophobia ?

When Albertine meunier made a video that displays the Google search history, (http://www.albertinemeunier.net/) I realized that it is very easy to understand the nature of a person just by browsing through his or her search history. The next day I found myself manipulating my Google searches in case someone would want to track me. I kept typing random clich├ęs (especially from top searches), so any database would read me as a normal, happy, safe person. It is possible that when we move into the days of everyware, there would remain people like me who drive themselves insane by trying to leave a low-profile trace on the database of information that we will collect.

Anxiety disorders about leaving information trails may stir up new fears amongst people. People may create dual personalities; one that leaves an ideal image in the database while the other real self remains hidden in the conscience. With the consciousness that a tag is collecting information about them, people may become more aware of what they say and do in public spaces. While some may easily adapt to this situation, others may feel violated and threatened.

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