Ramblings on having privacy in public spaces

Friday, September 14, 2007

Privately Public or Publicly Private

Privately public means that even though you may be living your life privately, the way you want to, your information is publicized, like the case of a celebrity, about whom, every private information is publicized. But in the days of everyware, the issue rises in the fact that we are not strongly aware of the publicized information, because of the simple tacitity that communication between everyware objects will have, and are thus more vulnerable to perversion of technology. The lack of awareness is the road to the privately public future.

A general norm is to not stare at couples holding hands in public. This gives them privacy even in a public space. Publicly private means having a sense of privacy even in a public space. It is possible that in the days of everyware, we can still have our privacy because of the overload of information and its acceptance as the norm. And the fact that all our lives are connected to a database of retrievable memories need not pervade our private lives. Of course this remains as long as we forget who has access to our private information and who can misuse it to cause damage or manipulate us.

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