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Friday, September 14, 2007

Explaining the futures and the privacy implications

In the total Government Control scenario we will observe a society with an absence of privacy under the pretext of public welfare, from growing crime rates, from terrorism, to grant privileges to families, and to make life easier for the public. What will go hidden is the number of corrective measures taken to arrive at this Utopian dream

In Transparent societies we well see how people with access to any information, become voyeuristic, and how emotions and feelings rather become data. Sousveillance will be the theme as people attempt to watch the watchers.

Market Imperialism is the most probable scenario that will occur with further globalization. Capitalist motives will become to convert people's lives into better, luxurious, efficient lives. With the rising consumer market and booming economy, this scenario will proceed. In this instance, we will see how a small activist group encourages privacy to become a point of sale act. Though glamorously marketed, it will have a placebo effect on people as they feel they still have their privacy.

Prosumerism is a concept that is becoming the norm with internet success such as Wikipedia, wherein the producer is rather the consumer. This balance strives to create more honest products for the society. If we can shift to a society of prosumers, we will see more proactive people, largely taking issues such as privacy into their hands, developing widgets and self sufficient systems to protect their privacy.

By Naturalism, I am referring to the fall back into ancient ways of life, by exploring mythological mediums of communication such as telepathy, ancient medicines and so on. This may be practiced by a small cult of people, or rather outcasts that chooses to stay off the technological grid.

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