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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Looking into Alternative Genres

Every system will have an opposing anti-thesis to create a certain balance in the system. For instance, how hackers keep a check on the software companies to maintain high security systems. Or how terrorists persuade a nation to monitor its people. Similarly, alternative genres of communication will keep a check on the system of everywares.

Ancient sciences such as telepathy, teleportation, ayurveda, yoga etc may become a way of life followed by a cult of people. It is possible, that a cult begins to re-create this lost way of life, to help them work out of the system. It is possible that we move towards a new way of life, in which an email is not sent via a chip injected into the brain using a network, but via a thought stream. This genre will keep a check on the system, as people begin to misuse these arts to achieve different tasks.

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